Fourth of July Song Review Activity

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 Fourth of July Song Reviewing Activities

Decorative fireworks (These fireworks contain poppers at the top opening. Each popper contains a song title.)

  • Items needed: a bag of poppers (these can be found in the party favor area at Walmart), a cardboard wrapping paper tube, a one-inch thick sheet of styrofoam, shish-kabob sticks, string, tape, foil and ribbon (or decorative paper), decorative wire tinsel.

Assembly Instructions – Take off the cardboard top on the popper. Insert a piece of paper that has the song title on it and replace the cover. (I saw this idea on Sugardoodle).  Cut a wrapping paper tube into eight to ten pieces. Cut a strip of styrofoam the width of the tube. Shove the styrofoam strip into a tube, leaving room at the end for the popper. Shove a shish-kabob stick through the top middle of the styrafoam, making a hole all the way through to the bottom. Tie a string to the end of the popper string.Tape the end of the string to the bottom of the stick and shoved it through the hole.Take the string off the stick and gently pull the string down until the round flat top of the popper becomes the end of the tube. Cover the tube with foil and ribbon (leave the top popper side uncovered). Shove a shish-kabob stick into bottom of the firework. Stick pieces of wire tinsel into the top sides of the tube next to the popper. Display the finished firecrackers in a jar filled with black beans.

Fourth of July activities to do while singing the songs.

1. Flag raising: Have a child raise and lower a flag while the children sing. When the flag is raised the children stand up. When it is lowered the children sit down.

2. Party hat: Have a member of the Primary presidency judge the classes as they sing. The teacher of the class that sings the best has to wear the decorative hat until the next song is done.

3. Bubbles bursting in air: The children aim their blown bubbles at a target such as a container. When they get a bubble in the container the next person comes up and tries to get the bubbles in the container. Continue in this manner until the song is done.

4.Patriotic artist: As the children sing the song, a child draws on the board an item related to the holiday such fireworks, a flag, the statue of Liberty, etc., but they have to draw it blindfolded. When the song if finished the other children guess what the artist drew.

5. Flag leading: Several children help lead the song with flags.


A child pulls the “wick”  making sure to point the firework away from people. After it has popped have the child look for the paper with the song title on it. The child then chooses a name of an activity from a container (or the activity items could be numbered and the child could choose a number). The chosen activity is performed while singing the song.


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