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Growing a Testimony

Friend January 2019 “Seeds of Faith” The prophet Alma compared growing your faith to planting a seed (see Alma 32). When you pray, read the scriptures, and help others, your faith and testimony will grow! Try this experiment to watch a seed sprout.

Also, everyone’s testimony grows differently. Can you match each plant with its shadow?




Friend November 2018 “Building Blocks of Testimony” Use the four words on the right to fill in the blanks in the four building blocks of testimony.




Friend October 2017 “Elder Perry, Chickens, and Me” The pictures in this maze show things you can do to gain a testimony and keep it bright. Can you get to all five before you get to the end of the maze?




Friend July 2015

Friend July 2015 lesson ideas too

Friend June 2015

Friend June 2015 Story included

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