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Memorabilia and Memories Help US Feel Close to and Remember Our Families

Friend August 2020 “Family History in Five Senses” (touch, sight, sound, smell, taste) Write or draw pictures of some things that remind you of your family.

Present Family History

Friend May 2020 “Family History Time Machine” Make a time capsule. Take turns writing or recording your family’s answers to the questions. Then make a time capsule to keep the answers safe (see article for ideas on how to make a time capsule) When you read or listen to the answers in the future, it’ll be a blast from the past!

Friend March 2018 “A Family Timelime” On cups, put pictures that represent each year of the family. Mix the cups up and see if family members can put them in the right order.

Present & Past Family History

Finding & Taking Family Names to the Temple

Friend October 2019 “The Temple Challenge” Temple Scramble: This girl has taken a family name to the temple. Can you put the pictures in order?

See  more “Family History Mystery” in each Friend in 2015- March, April  May , June, July, Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.

Friend January 2018 “Ready, Set, Go” Do the activity and earn a badge each month. First activity is to decorate a file, binder or box to put family history items in. Also, sign up for This activity could be used for a Personal Progress or Faith in God project. Additional stamps and badge keepers can be found here,

Friend January 2018

Friend March 2018 “A Family Timeline”

Friend April 2018 “Create a Profile”

Friend May 2018 “Fill Your Family Tree”

Friend June 2018 “Watch and Listen” Write family names on Bingo board and then look at family pictures or videos and mark when you see that person. Try to get three in a row. Also, record a family member’s story and put it on

Friend July 2018 “Find the people in your family tree who were pioneers, such as the first person to join the church or the first to graduate from college.

Friend August 2018 “Temple Tracker” Some of your ancestors might need ordinances done for them in the temple. Use the chart below to keep track.

Friend September 2018 “Learn To Index” Indexing is looking at handwritten records, like birth certificates, and typing the information into a computer program. Practice indexing by doing this activity.

Friend October 2018 “Temple Time” Look through your family tree on and find as many temples as you can in your family history! Also, make a temple puzzle.  (Activity Idea: For each temple you find in your family tree, put a piece of the puzzle together. Add more puzzle pieces by having family members (or friends) do the work for your ancestors in the temple.)

Friend November 2018 “Grow a Family Gratitude Tree” You know about a family tree, and maybe you’ve heard of a gratitude tree. This month, squish the two together and make a family gratitude tree! Put a paper tree trunk and branches on your wall. Then cut out lots of paper leaves. On each leaf, finish one of these sentences:

I’m grateful for my family because …
I’m grateful for family history because …
I’m grateful for temples because …
You can also add leaves throughout the month about anything else you’re grateful for!

Friend December 2018 “Quest Complete” Write down a favorite family recipe and add it to your folder. Afterwards, print the quest completion certificate and celebrate what you’ve learned this year.

Friend March 1982
Friend March 1982
Friend April 1980
Friend April 1980
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