Old Testament: Activities & Games

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2017 Outline for Sharing Time  Identify the doctrine (playing a matching game): Draw a simple ark on the chalkboard. Prepare several sets of two identical animal pictures. Give one picture to each child. Ask the children to stand and make the sound that the animal in their picture makes and to listen for someone else who is making a similar sound. When the children with matching pictures find each other, have them stand together until all the animals have been paired. Ask the children to come as pairs and put their animals on the ark drawing. Ask the children, “Which prophet did the Lord ask to gather the animals into the ark?” Point out that it was probably a difficult task to gather so many animals into the ark, but Noah chose to obey the Lord’s command.







Tower of Babel








Old Testament Prophets Activity – Clues along with the scrambled letters of a name. Friend March 1984

Friend Feb 2015

Friend Feb 2015  – Queen Esther

Friend June 1983 - children of Israel in wilderness

Friend June 1983 – Israelites in wilderness




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