Choose the Right: Review

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Choose the Right – Review


    •  Print the review cards onto card stock. Cut each card out, and glue or tape a large Popsicle stick to the back of each card.  Note: I didn’t save the original file when I made these cards, so the new file is a little different than the pictured items.
    • You  may want to review the cards with the children before using them. Explain that red heads can be included when the blond hair card is shown, and black hair can be included when the brown hair card is shown. Also, green eyes can be included when the blue eyes card is shown.
To add some variety to learning and reviewing the song “Choose the Right”, I added an idea from Monica Hudson on Sugardoodle to the game board activity. I used the “Choose the Right” game board as the visual aid, but instead of playing the game while they sang the song, I had senior primary move one seat to the right every time they sang the word “right”. When they came to the end of the row they went around to the start of the row behind them, or if they were in the last row they went to the start of the first row. For junior primary I had them turn in a circle one time to the right.

The following week after doing the above activity, I added some more variety by using the review cards. Only those people who matched what was on the card was supposed to find the next available seat to the right in senior primary, or turn to the right in junior primary.  This additional idea was also by Monica Hudson. Thank you Monica!!

To help motivate the children to sing well during the activity, invite children who sing their best to help with the cards.

Note: Make sure you have the teachers and children clear the seating aisles of all bags and items before doing this activity.  Also make sure to tell the children to keep their legs tucked in and out of the way when other children are moving past them so nobody trips.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I just got called to be the Music Leader, and I stumbled across your amazing blog. I printed and laminated the cards to use on my first Sunday to get an idea of what songs they know.

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