As a Child of God

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I changed this activity a little. I realized I needed to break the song down a little bit more to help the children learn it easier. To do this I cut strips in the colored cover pages. The top and bottom strips cover the words, and the middle strip covers the picture. I had the children cover the words of the page of the matching color on the wheel, and then choose a picture to cover on another page.  If the wheel landed on a picture that had the words covered already, the child covered the picture and chose words on another page to cover. I had the children sing the song every time after they did this.

This helped the children because they still had the picture to help remind them of the words. Eventually everything was covered, but it helped the children learn it in smaller bites. I used this method in Junior and Senior Primary and it worked perfectly each time. I am using this for the second week too when I teach the second and third verse. On the third week I will use the big wheel and all the verses. I will have them cover a whole page at a time and choose another page to cover too because they should know the song by then.

If you use this method you will have to use tape along the edge of the two pages to hold them together instead of tying them together. Tape each strip on individually so you can open and close each strip individually. You will also have to put magnets on the front edge of each strip.

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