As a Child of God: Song

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As a Child of God – Song


  • Items needed: ribbon or yarn, 16 page protectors, magnets, two brads, and one of each the following colors of cardstock  – red, orange, blue, green, yellow, purple, brown, pink.
  • Print the song pages. Cut out the boy and glue him next to the arrow sign on the first page. Put the song pages into page protectors. Also put the colored cardstock into page protectors. Using pieces of ribbon or yarn tied through the page protector holes, attach one colored cardstock to the top of each song page. (Be sure to put brown, green, yellow and orange on the first verse to match the small choosing wheel.) Using glue or double-sided tape, attach strong magnets to the back of each song page. Then attach one magnet to the front of each colored cardstock page.
  • Print the choosing wheels onto cardstock. Cut out each of the blank wheels. Cut open the window boxes on the dotted lines with an exacto knife. Center each blank wheel over the top of its matching color dot wheel. Poke a hole with a pin through the center dot all the way through both wheels. Push a brad through the hole and spread out the brad arms in the back – not too tightly. Note: colored squares can be glued over the dots to match available paper.
  • EXTRA: Here is another choosing wheel for those who want to break the lessons up into three weeks. This wheel would be for the second and third verses and would be used the second week. The final week would use the large wheel and all the verses.


This song is about two things. It tells us that good choices bless and strengthen our families, and the chorus reminds us that we have the guidance of the Holy Ghost to help us make good choices.

Week One
Put the song pages of the first verse on the board with the cardstock pages covering them. Uncover each song page as you discuss it.  (I have included discussion suggestions for each song line.)

 “I came to earth with power to choose.” – This means we were given free agency to decide what we will do on earth.

“Good choices bless me and my family too.” – Ask the children what choices would bless them and their family and why.

Have the pianist play the first two lines so the children can hear how they sound, then have them sing those lines.

“As a child of God I receive special light.” – This part of the song is the chorus and we sing this with each verse. It talks about a way we can receive help to know which choices are good and which choices are not good. (Ask the children to tell you what light they think the line is talking about, explain that it is a guiding light.)

“The Holy Ghost helps me to know what is right.” – In what ways does the Holy Ghost communicate with us and help us know which choices are right. (Through good feelings, thoughts, or we may even hear a still small voice.)

Have the pianist play the chorus lines so the children can hear how they sound, then have them sing those lines.  Then have the children sing all four lines of the first verse.

Memorizing Activity
Using the small wheel, do the following activity to help the children memorize the first verse. Put the wheel on the board and show the children that there are four different colored spots on the wheel. Have a child spin the wheel and open the window to show which color it landed on. That child covers up the song page with the matching colored cardstock. Sing the song again. Have another child spin the wheel. If it lands on the same color as before, they have to uncover that song line. If it lands on another color they have to cover up that one. Explain that the object of the game is to get every song line page covered up. (After singing the song for the first two spins they only have to sing the song every two spins after that.)

Adapted version of the memorizing activity.

Week Two
The following week put all the song pages on the board. Put each verse in a column and the chorus under the columns. Discuss the lines from the second and third verse, then sing the verses. Afterwards play the memorizing game using the large wheel and all the song pages. Use the same rules as the week before, except add some choices to the game. After they close or open the color that the wheel landed on, they also get to choose another color (or the color they landed on) to close. The object once again is to get all the pages closed.

“I feel so safe and happy because”– Have the children look at the picture. Ask if they think the child looks safe and happy in his father’s arms. Ask why they think the child feels safe and happy. (Because his father protects, takes care of, and loves him.)

 “Such feelings of peace come from family love.”– Point out that the picture of the family and heart remind them of the words family love. Also point out that we feel peace in our home when it is filled with actions that demonstrate our love for each other. What actions might disrupt peace in a home? (Fighting and bickering, selfishness, not helping each other, etc.) Remind the children that the Holy Ghost can help them make good choices in their families, and then review the chorus.

“In my own home I’ll happily serve.” – Why do you think people happily serve in their homes? Because they know that their service helps promote the feelings of love, peace, and joy in their homes.

 “I’ll strengthen my family by my good works” – What good works can we do to help strengthen our family? (Ask what the boy in the picture is doing and how that helps strengthen his family.)

NEW: I added to this idea to make it more effective. See “As a Child of God”  in the song list.

Personal Note: This site the inspiration for this activity. Thank you!


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work. I’ve been ill this week and you have saved me! I’m super excited to play with the kids.

  2. Instead of using card stock, I used construction paper. It’s cheaper and you have a better variety of colors.

  3. I have been using your website for the past year and it has been a great way to get me started when i’m in a rut. I love how varied your ideas are and how much planning you put into them. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  4. Thank you for your good ideas. I love them and our primary children and leaders have fun when I use them. Your good ideas help me to think of other good ideas. Thanks for all the time you put into these posts.

  5. Thanks for your wonderful and inspiring ideas…this is a great help to clarify the meaning of the song and to help with memorization:)

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