I Love to See the Temple

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I Love to See the Temple


  • Print the I Love to See the Temple Visuals.
  • Cut out the temple pieces. You will need to leave the top white edges on all the pieces and the right white edge on the right-sided pieces. Arrange the pieces in the correct order and then glue each piece together (the white edges will give you edges to glue each piece to).
  • Cut open the windows on the temple with an exacto knife as shown on the visual. Fold the back edge of the windows so they can open and close.  Cut out the window pictures and tape each picture to the back of its appropriate window slot.
  • Cut open the door and crease its back edge so it will open and close. Glue a light yellow background behind the door.
  • To trace the sign’s shape around the words that will be on it, center the words over the sign shape on the temple, then trace the outside shape around the words, and then cut it out. Cut the sign in half so one side says “Holiness to the Lord” and the other says “House of the Lord”.
  • Close the windows and doors with sticky tack.
  • Cut out around the boy, the girl figure, and the walking stones. (Optional:  Put magnets on the back of the these pieces.)
  • Items needed: a black marker and magnets or tape.



Put the picture of the temple on the chalkboard. Post or show the visuals as you discuss each of the following lines of the song:

I love to see the temple – Put the picture of the boy to the left of the temple.

I’m going there someday – Ask the children what age they must be to attend the temple for the first time, and ask what they will do there. (Twelve and baptisms for the dead) Open the window where the baptismal font is.

To feel the Holy Spirit, to listen and to pray – Open the window of the girl praying. Explain that the temple’s sacredness and its peaceful atmosphere is maintained so that the things of the Spirit can be felt abundantly.

For the temple is a House of God – Post the “House of the Lord” on the bottom of the sign area. Explain that these words are etched into the outside of each of the temples. The temple is a house of God. It is a place where his spirit can dwell and a place where he instructs his children.

A place of love and beauty – Open the window to the picture of the celestial room, and point out how beautiful the insides and outsides of temples are. Also point out the heart that is in the picture. Explain that the heart is to help remind them that the temple is a place of love. We feel love from our Heavenly Father as we participate in saving ordinances he provides for our salvation.  We also feel love for our ancestors as we do service for them in the temple

I’ll prepare myself while I am young. This is my sacred duty – Ask the children what things they need to do in order to prepare to go to the temple. Responses might include: pay tithing, attend church, be baptized, be honest, gain a testimony, obey the Word of Wisdom, etc. Write their responses on the walking stones, and put the stones on the board to make a path from the children to the temple. Ask the children why it is their sacred duty to prepare themselves to go to the temple. (If we wish to return to live with our Heavenly Father we must go to the temple so that we can receive certain necessary saving ordinances found only in the temple.)

Second Verse

I love to see the temple. I’ll go inside someday – Open the temple doors. Discuss when they will be able to go to the temple for the first time as adults, such as when they are married or going on a mission.

I’ll covenant with my Father. I”ll promise to obey – Open the window to the words “Covenant, Promise, Obey”, and explain that we make sacred covenants in the temple. Covenants are promises we make with the Lord. The covenants we make help us achieve exaltation, but we must obey the promises we make if we wish to receive the promised blessings.

For the temple is a holy place – Put the top half of the sign on that says “Holiness to the Lord,” and explain that these words are also etched onto the outside of temples. Explain that the temple is a holy place with holy purposes.

Where we are sealed together – Open the window that shows the couple in white.

As a child of God I’ve learned this truth, a family is forever  – Show the picture of the girl, and then open the window and show the family.


Note: All the pictures come from church produced materials.

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15 thoughts on “I Love to See the Temple

  1. I am going to use your visual tomorrow when I teach this song. Great job! Thank you. I am glad I found your website. 😀

  2. I am extremely picky when it comes to visual aids for Primary. This is great! It took me a long time to cut and tape the whole thing together but I love it. Thanks!

    • I know my stuff is a little time consuming to put together, which is funny because my goal is to make music time easy for you. I hope you used a glue stick when putting the main pieces together. That makes it easier for the pieces to slide into place. But I did think tape was easiest for the window pictures.

  3. What are the little blue pieces next to the words
    I was going to do this exact thing on a much larger scale with an appliance box.
    This is fantastic! Thank you!

    • I had to trim the original temple picture down, so I added some height to the top of the temple with those blue pieces so it didn’t look short and squat. Sorry I didn’t put that in the instructions. It was tight just getting the basics posted this week.

  4. Great job! Thanks for sharing your ideas. You always come up with the best ideas. I’m not creative, so I really appreciate you sharing what you do.

  5. Thank you SO much for your dedication, preparation, and talent for teaching children!! I love coming here to get inspiration…thank you for sharing it with all of us!

  6. Used this in Singing time today…It went really well! What a great visual aid! You can reuse this over and over again, so it’s worth the time to make it. Our family Put our own pics in the windows, and you could also put the ordinances,etc.. So many options for a family lesson! THANKS!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this idea with me. I am using this as part of our sharing time week 4, July 2013. It looks lovely and each window will be opened with a scripture on the front to discuss each of the pictures behind. We will finish by singing “I love to see the Temple”.

  8. Hello, this is perfect! Thanks for sharing. I have looked through the visuals to print and don’t see the actual temple. Where can I find that? Thanks bunches!

  9. I was painstakingly planning a very similar visual aid, when I came across this brilliant masterpiece! It’s perfect!! I quickly stopped work on my idea and made this one instead. I laminated mine so it will last forever, and mounted the temple to a poster board. I also photocopied and enlarged the front half of a temple recommend (name removed), laminated that, and slipped it inside the temple doors so we can talk about how the things we do to prepare us for the temple (labeled on the walkway) will enable us to have a recommend, which is how we are able to enter the temple doors. I LOVE it, and I’m so excited to use it in Primary next week! Thank you!!!

  10. I made this temple visual and used it for the whole month of June. It kept the children interested all month and made teaching the song so easy! I had so many compliments on the temple visual and I thank you very much for posting it! I really appreciate all your efforts to help creatively challenged people like me!!

  11. Thank you so much for posting this. I just used it for sharing time this Sunday. I live in Norway, and it worked great even with the Norwegian version of the song. I really appreciate you taking the time to share this with all of us. I got a lot of compliments on the visual, so I´m sending them your way 🙂

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