Praise to the Man – Memorizing the First Verse

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  • Print the picture pages.
  • Text ten people and ask them to send you a list of five to ten blessings we enjoy because of the restoration. Cut a poster in half and write the top nine answers on it in a row (the answers that are given the most). Cut the other half of the poster (or a different colored poster) into nine strips, and cover each answer with one of the strips. (Be sure to make a list of their order so you know which cover strip to take off when one is guessed. )The results from the poll I took were: Living Prophet, Priesthood, Holy Ghost, Temples, Book of Mormon, Eternal Families, Baptism. You can use my results or do your own survey. (I only had seven top answers, so I just covered up two that the children had guessed the week before, because it took two weeks to do this activity. They liked trying to figure out what was missing.)


The following week after introducing the first verse, have the children start memorizing the verse. Post the word pages from the previous week on the board in order. Post the picture pages in random order on the wall next to the board. Explain that each picture matches one of the word pages on the board. Remind the children that because of the prophet Joseph Smith many wonderful blessings of the gospel are restored to the earth again.

Show the poster and explain to the children that you polled/asked ten people to tell  you some blessings that we enjoy because of the restoration. Explain that the top nine answers are on the poster. Tell them you will be watching for those who raise their hands first to call on and guess the answers. Be sure to praise them for their answers, even if they are not on the board. If they guess one of the items on the poster they get to come up and try to match a picture with its word page. (Have them put the picture next to its matching word page.)

After two matches have been made, have the children sing the song. After another two matches have been made, cover most of the words on the two previously matched word pages with their matching pictures. Sing the song all the way through again.

After another two matches have been made, cover the first two pages completely with their matching pictures. Then take the two other previously made matches and cover most of the words on those pages. Sing the song again.

Continue in this manner until all the pages are covered with pictures and the children have the song memorized.

Junior Primary: Have junior primary find the matching pictures in the correct order of the song. After they make the correct matches, sing only that part. Continue to build onto that with the above method.  The survey activity may be a little difficult for junior primary, but they will be able to do it if you give them clues to the answers.

Note: The pictures came from different “Praise to the Man” flipcharts on Sugardoodle. Thank you to all those people who submitted those flipcharts.





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