Review of “Stand for the Right”

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Review – Stand for the Right

I did two reviews with this song. In the first review I made bigger versions of the pictures I had used in my original presentation. I put those bigger versions on the board in random order. I had a volunteer come up and choose the picture that comes first in the song and then tell the words that went with that picture. Then I had another volunteer choose the picture that comes next in the song and then tell the words that went with that picture. We continued in this manner until all the pictures were in order and all the words had been reviewed, and then we sang the song.

In the second review I used a Sign that said “Stand for the Right.” I had a child put up the sign, or put it down, while the children sang the song. When the sign was up, the children had to stand up, and when the sign was down, they sat down. Children love to do actions while singing. But the actions were also a reminder that the children would have times in their lives where they would have to stand for the right.

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