“Knock My Socks Off” Song Review

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“Knock My Socks Off”  Song Review Idea

We are currently reviewing songs for the primary program, and I used an activity called “Knock My Socks Off” to help motivate the children to sing well.  I put the above sign on the board, and the socks on the ledge of the chalkboard. I asked the children if they knew what the expression “Knock My Socks Off” meant? I told them it symbolicaly meant that when someone is so amazed by something, then that powerful emotion goes through their body and down to their feet like electricity and knocks their socks off. 

In each sock was a paper with a song title written on it. I had a child choose a sock, get the song title out, and post the title on the board. I told the children that the Primary secretary was going to hold that sock, and as they sang the song well and amazed her, then that sock would shake down until it was finally knocked completely off.

Sock Assembly Instructions

I cut out each one piece leg and foot from a piece of peach foam board (poster board would probably work too). The legs were 16 inches long from the knee to the bottom of the heel, and they were 4 inches wide. The feet were 4 inches wide, and 8 inches long (from heel to toe).  

I purchased 1/4 of a yard of flannel or fleece fabric  for each sock. I cut out the leg of the socks to be 21 inches long, seven inches wide. The foot area was 10 inches long and 5 1/2 wide. The socks were bigger than the foam leg and foot to be able to fit over the heel. I sewed the socks inside out with a 1/4 inch seam, and I rounded the edges of the heel and toe area. Then I turned them outside out and put them on the foam legs. 

Easy Method

 Instead of making the socks, use long socks, or leg warmers attached to short socks. I made the socks because I needed the different colors to match the ribbons on a reward box. The children got to cut a matching colored ribbon on the box when they sang so well that they knocked a sock off. When all the ribbons were cut, they got their reward.

I used this activity to review several songs for the primary program, but it could be used for just one or two songs by using just one or two socks and legs.  

The idea for this activity came from my friend Vickie from Arkansas. She has very clever ideas.

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    • I think it was a continuation of the wrapped gift that went with the balloon popping activity. They got to cut half the ribbons with each activity.

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