Tithing #6

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 What is Tithing Used For?   


  • Print one copy of each page of  “Where Does Tithing Go“.  Put each of the two main pages of “Where Does Tithing Go” into a page protector. Tape the two pages together on the back middle. Cut out the pictures so they will fit in each of the spots they are supposed to go in (see the picture above). Number the back of each picture with its matching location number.
  • Items needed: Tape to attach the pictures to the page “Where Does Tithing Go?”.



Read “Where Does Tithing Go” to the family, starting at #1. Attach the picture that goes with each numbered heading as you read (check the above picture to see how they go).

After you are done with the activity explain to the children that our tithing is combined with the tithing of other members to help the Church all over the world.

Play the game found in Tithing #7 to learn more about the things that tithing is used for.

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  1. Sorry, I have been so busy with Primary music and lessons that I haven’t gone back to finish posting tithing #7. I’m not sure when I will get to it.

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