Word of Wisdom #3

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 What does the Word of Wisdom say is bad for our bodies? – Game


  • Print the Word of Wisdom game picturesCut apart  the picture of the boy and the picture of the garbage can on the dotted lines. Also cut the smaller pictures apart on the lines.
  • Items needed: D&C Scriptures for each person, blindfold, tape.


Lesson and Game 

Ask the family members to close their eyes and imagine they have a baby sister (or have them think about a baby sister or brother they have). Tell them that they love their baby sister very much and have lots of fun playing with her. One day the baby gets sick and won’t eat or play. You take the baby to the doctor and he says that the baby is sick from something she swallowed.

  •  How would you help your baby sister so she doesn’t get sick again? (By keeping her away from the items that could make her sick.)
  • What could happen if you put something in your body that was bad for it? (Your body could be harmed.)

Heavenly Father and Jesus love us very much. We are Heavenly Father’s sons and daughters, and Jesus’ brothers and sisters. They don’t want us to be sick and unhealthy. They want us to be happy and strong. They know what things will hurt our bodies, so we were given commandments to avoid those things.

  • Ask the family members if they remember what these commandments are called and where they are located in the scriptures. (Word of Wisdom, D&C 89)

Have the family look up and read D&C 89:7.

  • What item does the Lord say is not for the belly? (Strong drink)
  •  What does it mean by strong drink? (Have the family read the top half of D&C 89:5. Strong drinks mean alcoholic beverages.)

Show the picture of the beer and wine to the family.

Tape the picture of the boy onto the wall. Tell the family that according to this scripture, alcoholic beverages are not for the body. Tape the garbage can to the wall about five feet away from the picture of the boy. Put a piece of tape on the back of the alcohol picture and hand it to a volunteer. Place the volunteer several feet away from the pictures on the wall, with no obstructions in the way.

Blindfold the volunteer. Tell them the object of the activity is to keep the alcoholic beverages away from the body (the picture of the boy) and put it into the garbage. Spin them around once and point them in the right direction. Tell them if they would like help they can ask one family member to give them directions. Explain that we can always get help in life from the Lord and from people in our lives that we trust.

After the family member has finished his/her turn have everyone read D&C 89:8.

  • What does this scripture says is not for the body? (Tobacco) Show the family the picture of tobacco products. Tell them that this commandment also includes chewing tobacco.

Do the same blindfold activity with the tobacco picture. Afterwards explain that in Joseph Smith’s time, people did not have the medical knowledge that we now have. They didn’t know about the bad effects of smoking and alcohol use. But the Lord knew about these bad effects and he warned the people.

Next have the family read D&C 89: 9.

  •  What does this scripture says is not for the body? (hot drinks)

Show the family the picture of the tea and coffee. Explain that prophets have told us “hot drinks” refers to tea and coffee. When this revelation was given, tea and coffee were the hot drinks being consumed at the time.

Give the picture of tea and coffee to another family member and do the blindfold activity again.

Afterwards ask if they know what other item is harmful to us that recent prophets have warned us not to use.  (Illegal drugs)  (If the children ask about medicinal drugs, explain that some drugs can help us when we are ill, but they should be used only with a parent’s or doctor’s supervision.)

Show the picture of the drugs and do the blindfold activity again.

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